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Talented traditional fine artist and illustrator, equally at home with digital paint media. Experienced at working on high budget Features and TV shows. Has frequently been entrusted with high responsibility tasks personally by Directors and Producers. Able to come up with high quality work from early stages through to final shot completion in both the Art Department and Visual Effects fields.

• 2012:Digital matte painter on EA's "Mass Effect 3" Superbowl spot,at The Mill

• 2011:Digital matte painter on "Sinbad" series for SKY TV,utilising Cinema 4D for environment modelling and matte painting projections.

• 2011:Digital matte painter on "Snow White and the Huntsman",painting the magic mirror for trailer shot, at The Mill.

• 2011;Digital matte painter on "Dredd" 3D.

• 2011:Digital matte painter on Disney's "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" at The Mill.

• 2011:Digital matte painter on "Merlin",series 4,episode 1, at The Mill.

• 2011: Digital matte painter on "Doctor Who",series 7, episode 13, at The Mill.

• 2011: vfx concept art for Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" , producing black and white and colour environment concept paintings.

• 2011: Digital matte painter on "Downton Abbey" series 2 painting the WW1 battlefields and trenches.

• 2011: Digital matte painter on Marvel Studio's "Captain America : The First Avenger" at the Senate VFX.

• 2010: Digital backgrounds work for faux-slow-mo shots using animated 2D photographs to imitate high speed photography. Cheerful Scout plc.

• 2010: Character/Spaceship Designer for a stop-motion promo "Chase the Devil" for producer Don Letts at Brassneck TV.

• 2009: concept artist and matte painter on "The Forgotten King", a pitch trailer for an ancient Babylonian epic.

• 2009: concept artist for black and white pop promo "Je Maudis Ma Nuit" by Belgian band Le Yeti.

• 2007- 2009, Environment Designer on Roald Dahl's" Fantastic Mr Fox ". In the art department producing production paintings and drawings to be made into miniature sets for this stop motion animated film. Held a position of high responsibility, working closely with Director Wes Anderson, who entrusted me to help bring almost every aspect of his vision to the screen. Also doing all the miniature oil paintings done by Mrs. Fox.

• 2008: commissioned by theatre designer Ian McNeil to paint a backdrop design to be constructed full scale on stage for the Broadway version of "Billy Elliot", which won the 2009 Tony award for Scenic Design.

• 2007: did some freelance concepts of the dragons cave for BBC TV series "Merlin" (2008) for the Mill.

• 2006-2007: MPC in the film department working on the Joel Silver/Warner Bros production:"Fred Claus", contributing a large number of concept designs and some matte paintings.

• 2006: MPC TV department, matte painting for "ROME" series 2, working on the epic battle episode "Phillippi", which also won the VES award.

• 2006; joined MPC as a matte painter in the commercials department , working on a number. of projects including Audi , Marks and Spencer, Kellogg's, and a promo for Bloc Party's " The Prayer".

• 2005: Digital Matte Painter at The Senate VFX, working on a David Leland / Dino De Laurentiis film: "Virgin Territory" , doing one concept , and as the sole matte painter.

• 2004-2005: Digital Matte Painter at The Senate VFX, for "ROME" , HBO / BBC TV series. I worked on nearly all episodes in this 12 part series. I had a hand in countless shots. During this time, was chosen to be sent to Cinecitta studios in Rome to draw vfx post-viz for producers during filming, which turned out to be for the Visual Effects Society award winning first episode.

• 2003-2004: Concept artist on "The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy", working with the production designer in the art department from the beginning, throughout pre-production at Elstree Studios. I started by making digital production paintings, moving on to design more specific details with marker and pencil. I also made a giant portrait prop of Sam Rockwell that was highly visible in the film. Was mentioned by name in the Cinefex article for my intricate design on the front of the hero Starship. These last two designs were incorporated into an exhibition at London's Science Museum, May to October 2005.

• 1996-2003: Started a business; "Backdropshop", painting and renting fluorescent backdrops for nightclubs. Also producing an 18 foot long fibreglass Dragon as a permanent store front sculpture.